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Web Application

It is a type of computer program that usually runs with the help of a web browser and also uses many web technologies to perform various tasks on the internet.

A web application can be developed for several uses, which can be used by anyone like it can be used as an individual or as a whole organization for several reasons.

In general, a web application can contain online shops (or we can also say them e-commerce shops), webmail's, calculators, social media platforms, etc. There is also some kind of web application that usually requires a special kind of web browser to access them. We cannot access those kinds of web applications by using regular web- browsers. However, most of the web applications available on the internet can be accessed using a standard web browser.

If we talk about the web application in general, a web application usually uses a combination of the server-side scripts such as PHP, ASP, for handling the information/ data storage and retrieval of the data.

Some of them also use the client-side scripts such as JavaScriptHTML to represent the data/information in front of the users, and some of the web applications are also using both server-side and client-side at the same time.

It allows the users to communicate with the organization or companies by using the online form, online forums, shopping carts, content management system, and much more.

Apart from that web applications also allow its users to create documents, share them, or share the data/ information. By using the web application, users can collaborate on same projects by event when they are not available on the same geographical location.

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